Testimonial – Peggy M

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for approximately 36 years. During the early years of this diagnosis, it was a nightmare trying to understand and manage my diabetes.

On many occasions I was hospitalized for long periods of time. Unfortunately, the proper treatment of diabetes was unknown or misunderstood by medical personnel. Eventually, I was introduced to the Insulin Pump. Again, I encountered medical personnel that were completely unaware of the workings of the Pump and consequently could offer no instructions on how to use it. I asked a Pharmaceutical Representative for the name of an Endocrinologist. He was very pleased to provide me with a name, stating that help was on the way.

Eventually, in 2002, I met Dr. Wayne Woo. Immediately, I recognized that this Physician had a thorough understanding of Diabetes. He assessed my condition and rearranged many of my priorities. He also, educated me regarding the importance of Exercise, Glucose Monitoring, Carbohydrates, Grocery Shopping and Cooking.

Today, I can say that my Diabetes is maintained at a highly disciplined level. I know that my current focus and good health is due to Dr. Woo. Often, I say to myself, “what-would-my-state-of-health-be” were it not for his commitment to medical excellence.