Testimonial – Dorothy W

My Experiences with Dr. Wayne Woo

I first met Dr. Wayne Woo in January, 2002. My husband had been
diagnosed with type 2 diabetes the month before, followed by a heart attack in
January. I asked our primary care physician for a referral to an endocrinologist,
and that’s how we found ourselves in Dr. Woo’s office. As the wife of a diabetic, I
was included in every step of my husband’s education and treatment. Dr. Woo required
his patients to have several sessions with a Certified Diabetes Educator in order
that they might understand their disease and how to manage it. Family members
were strongly encouraged to attend these sessions, as diabetes isn’t simply an
individual’s problem; it involves the family and its life style. Based on the
education sessions we went to and further reading from the numerous booklets
and other printed material that Dr. Woo gave his patients, I felt that I had a fairly
good grasp of diabetes and how it affects the body. I just thought I had a good
grasp of diabetes … there was so much more to learn!

When I had my annual physical in December, 2005, I was somewhat
concerned by my marginally elevated fasting blood glucose and Hemoglobin A1c
as well as my very high LDL and Triglycerides, so I took a copy of my lab work
with me to Dale’s next appointment for Dr. Woo to see. He felt I showed signs of
pre-diabetes, so I became his patient, too. This made it truly a family affair!
Soon after that, I had lumbar surgery, which pushed me over the line into full type
2 diabetes. Dale and I became regular attendees of Dr. Woo’s twice-a-month
evening education sessions, taught with the help of a series of PowerPoint
presentations developed by Dr. Woo, based on a fictitious character named
Diabetic Joe, the average Mississippi diabetic. Dr. Woo had become certified in
Diabetes Education himself! The PowerPoint presentations were supplemented
by patient participation in quizzes and games, and Mrs. Woo’s demonstrations of
how to prepare foods in a diabetic-friendly manner without sacrificing flavor and
eye-appeal. Each education session included our evening meal, so we wouldn’t
get our meals off-schedule through the two-hour session. I had placed my health
in capable hands.

Four times a year, Dr. Woo has a special event, including a special dinner.
These events are Chinese New Year, Cherry Blossom Festival (when diabetic
supply vendors show us their products), Be a Star (tips on how to be your best
with diabetes), and the end-of-year holiday banquet. Each of these occasions
includes a sumptuous feast of diabetic-friendly foods, along with a cooking
demonstration. Dr. Woo himself prepares dessert from one of the many recipes
he has developed himself. When has one of your doctors cooked for you? This
is just one small indication of how dedicated to his patients Dr. Woo is. I would
truly not like to think I had to deal with my diabetes without Dr. Woo’s help.

With deepest gratitude,

Dorothy W.