Rewriting the Diabetes Story

The statistics tell the story in plain numbers.

Mississippi ranks first in diabetes in the nation. Nearly nine of every one hundred adults in the state have diabetes. The message is grim, but in Flowood, Dr. Wayne Woo and his wife, Pat, are bringing a new story of hope to diabetics in the state.

Through a solid program of treatment, diagnosis and lifestyle adjustments, Dr. Woo and his staff at the Diabetes and Endocrine Institute have been offering their patients hope and results since 2001. Dr. Woo is board certified in endocrinology, follows closely the American Diabetes Association (ADA) standards of care, and creates innovative programs that meet specific patients goals. He has also been recognized for providing excellence in diabetes care by the ADA and the National Committee for Quality Assurance for 9 years. In addition, the Institute has been recognized by the ADA as an educational center for 6 years. He approaches each patient holistically, seeking opportunity for treating the person, as well as the disease. As a result, he is the specialist that other health care providers refer their patients to for diabetes and endocrine care.

“Diabetes is our focus,” Dr. Woo said. “And it is a disease that is to a great extent about behavior and decisions. We want to empower our patients to make healthy decisions and make healthy lifestyle changes. Diabetes is not the end, just the beginning of a new lifestyle.”

Crucial to making these changes is diet. At the Diabetes and Endocrine Institute, diet starts with the meals prepared in the on site kitchen by Pat. The daughter of a chef, Pat has a culinary arts degree and also holds degrees in biochemistry and microbiology. She creates new recipes and re-designs old favorites to make them diabetic-friendly. Dr Woo also takes the time to create desserts that are diabetic-friendly and tasteful.

“Our patients eat for flavor, like everyone,” Pat said. “We help them find ways to eat for their health, too.”

Because of his strong belief in quality diabetes care, Dr. Woo creates dynamic educational programs as Chinese New Year celebration and the Cherry Blossom Festival which will be held this February 22nd and April 24th, respectively. The focus of these events, like the focus of the Institute, is to energize and inspire patients while working to make diabetes matter less and life matter more.